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Speech & language therapy programs

23 speech-therapy programs for your computer, listed by name.
Or view  by symptom (aphasia, apraxia, etc.)

Aphasia Tutor 1:  Words 

Our easiest program for word-retrieval and expressive aphasia. Starts with basic letters and keyboarding, letter-matching & letter-copying. Then progresses through 8 lessons, including picture-word-matching and picture-naming (typing).
We found a level for every patient we tried Aphasia Tutor with."

-Peggy S.,  Speech-Language Pathologist

Aphasia Tutor 1:  Words +Out Loud

All the features of Aphasia Tutor 1, with the added feature of hearing the cues and answers for extra help. Speaks the cues and answers in a human voice. Deluxe & Professional version can also be used for auditory comprehension.

Aphasia Tutor 2: Sentences

For word retrieval, sentence-level reading, spelling, and naming.  Phrase and sentence completion (fill-in and matching). Sentence-picture matching.

Aphasia Tutor 2: Sentences +Out Loud

All the features of Aphasia Tutor 2, with the added feature of speaking the cues and answers for extra help.  For word retrieval, basic reading, spelling, and naming.

Aphasia Tutor 3: Story Reading

Improves reading comprehension ability.  Variety of difficulty levels, from short paragraphs and short sentences to full length story excerpts.


Need help choosing?

Each patient has unique needs. So we have a wide variety of programs for different brain injuries. But it's difficult to pick the right program.

The Therapy Advisor lets you pick the therapy areas you are interested in, and it then recommends the best options.

Aphasia Tutor 4: Functional Reading

Teaches the user to read  common printed materials such as bills, TV schedules, warning labels, etc.

Categories & Words

 Six (6) different lessons.  Improves ability to recognize semantic word relationships.  (e.g., cow is a type of ANIMAL, etc.).   Unlimited therapy, with over 200,000 different questions. 

Direction Following +Out Loud  (also available in Written-only)

 Improves verbal-comprehension, short-term memory, and ability to follow instructions.  Over 200 levels of difficulty.   Unlimited therapy, with over 500,000 different exercises.   Direction Following is also available in a written-only version.  You can purchase it online, but it is not described on this website. It's the same as the Out Loud version, but does not speak.


Prints therapy worksheets. Huge variety of printable speech therapy exercises, printed from your very own computer.   Over 2,000 exercises and pictures. 

Moriarty Mystery Dinner

This engaging program develops logic and deductive reasoning skills.  Suitable for all skill levels thanks to multiple difficulty levels, handicapping settings, and interactive Hints (when the user gets "stuck").

Numbers 'n Sounds

Helps patients retrieve and speak numbers (time, money, phone numbers, etc.)


This is for patients with Left Neglect or Right Neglect. Teaches patient to notice (attend to) the left or right side of their visual field (e.g., a book while reading, the computer screen, etc.).

Sentence Shaper 2

This is Bungalow's newest (and most challenging) program for aphasia. Helps patients turn halting, hesitant speech into conversational phrases and speeches.

Sights 'n Sounds 1

For speech production and articulation at the word level. Presents patient with a stimulus (Picture, spoken word, or written word) and records the patient's speeech and plays it back with the model speech for comparison.

Sights'n Sounds 2

For speech production and articulation at the sentence level: speaking conversational phrases, describing pictures, answering simple questions, etc.  Records patient's voice and plays it back along with a model sentence for comparison. 

Speech Sounds on Cue

Provides multimedia full-motion video cues for consonant-vowel and consonant-vowel-consonant words, for independent speech practice. Over 400 words with color photos, auditory and written cues and video clips of mouth and tongue movements.


Teaches patient to speak more slowly (to make speech more intelligible) or more quickly (to help prosody.)


Economical, yet powerful graphical voice analysis software.

Synonyms, Antonyms, & Homonyms

More challenging word-retrieval therapy.  A good companion to Aphasia Tutor 2.

Traffic Sign Tutor

Tests recognition of traffic signs and functional responses to real-life scenarios on the road.

Understanding Questions 

Practice with understanding "Wh" questions (e.g., who, what, where).  Shows patient a written question ("When is he swimming?") and the patient picks an appropriate answer ("Today").  On a wrong answer, it shows increasing hints ("When means a time.   or Time is today.

Understanding Questions +Out Loud

All of the features of Understanding Questions and it also speaks the cues.  So it would speak, in  human voice, the question "Why is she going?" and the patient chooses the correct answer ("To get milk").

Computer System Requirements

Short Answer:

Nearly any Windows PC computers made since 2002 will run our programs. If you're not sure, try them out with our trial CD.  Trials are identical to the full version, only time limited.  So if the trial works, so will the full program.  You can also buy programs with our Money Back Guarantee

Detailed Answer (for computer geeks)

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

    If your computer has a Start button in the lower left comer, and it was new in 2000 or later then you've got one of those versions. There are several options for your Macintosh.

    If you have an older computer with Windows 95 or Windows 98 (which are 9 to 14 years old) you can still run all the programs except for Sights'n Sounds 2, Speech Sounds On Cue, and Sentence Shaper

  • Sound Card

    If  your PC ever plays music (even  just at start up) it has a sound card.  If it has external speakers, it probably has a sound card.  Speakers plug into the sound card.

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Microphone

    Required only for programs that record speech (Sights'n Sounds, Numbers'n Sounds, and SpeechPrism) These are inexpensive. You can buy them for $9.50

  • Screen that can display 256 or more colors.
  • 160 MB Hard Drive space (if you're installing all 23 programs).
    Most programs need about 10-20MB of storage. Typical low end PCs have 60,000 MB of storage so this usually isn't a problem

Who can Bungalow help?

Bungalow programs are designed, by a speech-pathologist, specifically for those with language or cognitive deficits, usually caused by a brain injury (such as a stroke or head injury).  Many of the programs are designed specifically for those with aphasia.  

Anyone seeking to improve their language comprehension and reading skills can benefit from  Bungalow products.  Our customers have found that, while there is plenty of general educational software (of fair quality)  for young children, there is very little  software that is age-appropriate for head-injured adults or young adults.