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Speech & language recovery after stroke or aphasia

with speech therapy software created by speech therapists.  Work independently at home or in the clinic.

Aphasia, stroke, speech & language therapy. Therapist demonstrating therapy software for speech & language.

Quote about speech therapy softwareBetween the speech therapists and the Bungalow Software, my husband John is doing so well that he is able to communicate his wants and needs by speech.  The speech therapists said that your aphasia therapy software has helped John progress to this level of speech."  More testimonials>>

 -Marie Ritchie,
caregiver & wife


Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged."


Candace Gordon, Speech Pathologist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program.


Quote about speech therapy softwareI teach at a University and love the concept of your company.  Therapy is so much more effective when clients can follow through with it at home.

"Bungalow is a wonderful addition and supplement to our field, and a wonderful resource for our clients."

Trina Harvey-Brown, 
West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas

More clinician comments>>

Stroke Recovery: Speech & Language Therapy

Unlimited, independent computer-assisted speech-therapy for stroke and brain-injury survivors.

Stroke survivors rarely get enough speech & language therapy. 

Speech therapists created the Bungalow programs to provide unlimited home rehabilitation of speech, language & cognition following a stroke or brain injury. Used by clinics and patients around the world since 1995.

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Effective Speech & Language 

Bungalow Software  has been used by speech-pathologists around the world and has helped thousands of stroke survivors around the world recover speech & language skills.
  Read what they're saying, or  read a stroke rehabilitation story from Stroke Connection magazine]

Easy to use

CLICK to read more about Wilson Talley' success working on speech therapy with the Bungalow programs.Can be used independently or in therapy. Many stroke survivors have difficulty using the computer. The Bungalow programs were specially designed for stroke survivors and no computer-experience or special training is needed.

Many programs can be used by pressing just the Space Bar on the the computer. Nearly all programs can be used with just 2 or 3 keys (or the mouse).

More on stroke rehabilitation below.  


Not enough speech therapy: Why?

Stroke patients get much more physical rehabilitation than speech therapy. The reason?  Physical symptoms are more obviously a medical issue and a physical difficulty often increases the overall cost to care for the patient. For example, if their legs were impaired, they'd need a wheelchair, ramps, perhaps an aid, etc.  This increases the cost to the insurance company. So, physical rehabilitation saves money the insurance company money.  It's not malicious. It's just business. 

Providing speech rehabilitation does not generally save the insurance company money. And it's perceived to be a quality of life issue, not a medical need.

Bungalow Software disagrees.

Unlimited speech & language rehabilitation after stroke

Stroke Rehabilitation and Speech & Language RecoverySpeech & Language rehabilitation software, from Bungalow, was designed specifically to provide more speech & language recovery  after a stroke.  Patients use it for independent recovery. It's convenient and unlimited. They can use it as long and whenever they like.  The resources below will guide you to the right program. You can even try the programs out  free!


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