Speech-language therapy for Expressive Aphasia

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Quote about speech therapy softwareBetween the speech therapists and the Bungalow Software, my husband John is doing so well that he is able to communicate his wants and needs by speech.  The speech therapists said that your aphasia therapy software has helped John progress to this level of speech."

Marie Ritchie, caregiver & wife
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Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged."Speech pathologist who used the Aphasia Tutor program


Candace Gordon, Speech Pathologist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program.


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Thousands of patients and speech therapists have used the Bungalow aphasia therapy software since 1995.  Marie Ritchie's story (to right) is typical of the successes reported.  These therapy programs are specially designed by speech pathologists to allow patients to work independently, at their own pace, for as long as they like.

There are over 20 Bungalow programs for speech & language providing unlimited therapy below are the programs designed specifically for Expressive Aphasia (whose  symptoms include difficulty naming things (anomia) and may be referred to by several other names.

Therapy programs for expressive aphasia:


Other terminology for Expressive Aphasia

There are several types of Aphasia:  Nominal or Anomic Aphasia (Anomia), Broca's Aphasia (sometimes mistakenly called Brocas Aphasia), Auditory Aphasia, Agrammatic Aphasia or the layman's term: word retrieval

Symptoms of Expressive Aphasia:

Expressive Aphasia often involves difficulty naming pictures or objects, either in writing or in speech. If you ask the patient to name objects you point to, they probably can't name all of them (without assistance), but they can often repeat it back if you say the word first.  If they can not repeat the word they may find an articulation therapy program helpful.

Language may be disjointed  and sentences may be "telegraphic". They might say "Daughter...university...smart... girl....good...good." instead of "My daughter is smart. She's at the university. She's very good at her work".


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