Aphasia Tutor 1 Screen Shots

Every Bungalow program has a wide variety of difficulty levels (very easy to difficult) for a challenge tailored to each user.  Below is a demonstration of the 8 lessons in Aphasia Tutor 1.

8 Programs-in-one

1. Letter Matching

In the easiest level, the patient is reacquainted with the alphabet. 

S/he must select the correct matching letter from 4 choices



3. Word Matching

5.Picture Matching (Nouns)

7. Picture Matching (Verbs)


2. Letter Copying 

The next level would be letter typing.  The user would type the correct letter (in this case an "r"). Subsequent levels progress to words and pictures.

4. Word Copying

Extra Hints in the higher level fill-in 

  1. Spelling Help (below, right)
  2. List of choices (right, above)
  3. List with answer highlighted (right)

6. Picture Naming (Nouns)

Here a patient is given an extra hint: a list of possible answers. This hint is given if the patient has difficulty (automatically) or if the patient clicks the Hint button.

If the patient still has difficulty, the program would then highlight the correct answer.

8. Picture Naming (Verbs)

In the hardest level, you type the name of the picture.

Picture naming with HINT - Aphasia Therapy Software


Patients use the program independently thanks to special assistance provided, such as the hint displayed here.  

Progressive hints are provided:  Spelling Help, then a list of Choices, then the answer highlighted.


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