Aphasia Tutor 2: Sentences

Speech therapy software that improves word-retrieval skills at the word and sentence level.

Video demo

Aphasia Software for speech & language therapy: Easiest lesson.

Lesson 1: Easiest

Aphasia Software: speech & language therapy: More difficult lesson. Click to view screen shots.

Lesson 4: Harder. Patient types answer.
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Appropriate for:

  • Word retrieval (written naming)
  •  Aphasia, Anomia
  •  Visual scanning
  •  Reading at the word-level 
  •  Typing
This program, created for stroke and brain-injury survivors, has a wide variety of difficulty levels from learning the alphabet all the way to the goal of the program: written word-retrieval (written naming) where the patient retrieves and types the word for a picture.  This program is also available in Spanish.

Over 700 questions divided into 7 lessons...

  1. Phrase Completion: Multiple Choice
  2. Phrase Completion: Fill-in
  3. Sentence Completion: Multiple Choice
  4. Sentence Completion: Fill-in
  5. Definition Completion: Multiple Choice
  6. Definition Completion: Fill-in
  7. Sentence -Picture Matching


  • Boosts patient self esteem
  • Unlimited self-paced speech therapy practice.
  • Practical preparation for "the real world"
  • Saves speech pathologists' time by automatically tracking progress.


Like all Bungalow programs, Aphasia Tutor 1 provides hints and feedback to help guide the patient to the right answer. Our approach is "Success with as little assistance as needed."  The goal is for the patient to do it as independently as possible.
  • Hints
    User can click on the Hints button or press the <control> key on the keyboard to receive a hint in the fill-in-the-blank levels. E.g., if the answer was "Spoon" the hint would be "s_ _ _ _"
  • Clear feedback for correct/incorrect answers.
  • Use the mouse or keyboard
  • Multiple difficulty levels beginning with multiple choice single-letters, all the way to fill-in-the-blank words. 
  • Spanish version
    Available in a Spanish version that has the cues and answers in Spanish. Patient would pick a Spanish word for "orange" (naranjo) or type that in as the answer.


Deluxe Version Features

These features are available in the Deluxe and Pro versions of the program.
  • Get more therapy with extra difficulty options. Show the first letter of the answer or reduce the number of choices to make the program easier, or give fewer hints to make it harder.
  • Motivate the patient by showing them how well they're doing with automatic progress tracking which saves the results of each session are saved, to a file.  You can print this or copy it into other documentation.  Limited to a single patient. For unlimited patients, see Pro version
  • Make faster progress with repetition practice.
    Repeat the first 20 questions 5 times, or repeat as many questions as you like as many times as you like.  You can also control the length of the lesson without repetition, such as having a 25 exercise lesson.  (Bungalow programs have so many exercises we've found that even one lesson can be too much for a patient to do in one sitting.
  • Do memory training. You can set the program to display the cue to display temporarily or until they press any key.  Then the cue disappears, and the question appears.
Click to view info on the +OutLoud version of this Aphasia software.

+OutLoud version includes spoken cues and hints for extra help and improving Auditory Comprehension.


Quote about speech therapy softwareI can always tell when my husband has been using   Sights and Sounds because his diction really improves."

Jayne Quigley, caregiver.
From their story in
the Stroke Connection magazine of
 the National Stroke Association



"Our results with the Aphasia Package are miraculous. We are seeing great results with clients who are using the software with care givers and volunteers as well as with certified speech pathologists. Thanks."

Judith Widmer,
Palm Springs Stroke Activity Center,
Palm Springs, Ca


"Your software is great, by the way. We're still working with it (6 months later), and still making progress.

It's a slow process to rebuild a vocabulary, but we refuse to give up, and your software has helped tremendously."

Cerie McDonald

Professional Version Features

Pro version has all the features of the Deluxe (above) plus it:  


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