Aphasia Tutor 3: Story Reading

Improves reading comprehension from a short paragraph to story level

Screenshot of the easiest lesson

Easiest of 4 levels.
Shown with Reading Cursor highlighting the word "Max"

Survivor reads a paragraph (or longer, up to story length) and then answers multiple choice questions.

Reading therapy for all skill levels

Video Demo


Over 400 questions and 20 different stories, ranging in length from single paragraph to several pages.   Stories include excerpts from...

Appropriate for:

    • Receptive Aphasia 
    • Reading comprehension
    •  Visual scanning
    •  Making inferences

Within each level, the stories are arranged in increasing difficulty level.

4 difficulty levels

  1. Short Sentences, single paragraphs.  

    View a screen shot

  2. Longer Sentences, single paragraphs
  3. Longer Sentences, multiple paragraphs
  4. Long Sentences, multiple-page stories.  
    View a screen shot
It's changing our lives ... giving Frank ... self esteem."

-Barbara Schor
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Easy to Use Independently

Patients use it independently thanks to special features...

  • IntelliHints

    Allow independent use of the program.  If the user answers incorrectly, the program will highlight the portion of the story that contains the answer to the question.  This helps the user learn to find pertinent portions of a passage.

  • Reading Cursor

    Helps the patient follow the text (excellent for those with left or right neglect).   The Reading Cursor highlights one word at a time and moves forward as the user presses the right-arrow key.

  • Large print (text font). 

    Great for those with vision difficulties.  You can make the print up to several inches tall.

Deluxe & Pro Features

  • Make exercises easier by showing only 2 or 3 choices (instead of 4).
  • Make exercises harder by doing memory practice. Shows the story then patient answers questions based on what they remember from the story.
  • Automatically track progress for one patient (in the Deluxe version) or up to 2,000 patients (in the Professional version)

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows:  Vista, 7, 8, and 10



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