Aphasia Tutor 4: Functional Reading

Speech Therapy software for reading comprehension and problem solving.

Provides real-world reading material, such as medicine labels, want-ads, and television guides. Audio/Visual feedback is also provided to the user.

6 Difficulty levels

  1. Reading Schedules
  2. Reading Newspapers
  3. Reading Bills
  4. Locating Services
  5. Reading Product Warning Labels
  6. Reading About Food

Intelli-hints help guide patient to the correct answer if needed. They give the patient only as much assistance as she or he needs to get the right answer.

Sample screen shot.  Click here for a larger image.

Lesson 4, with intellihint.

Video Demo

Appropriate for:

    •  Reading comprehension
    •   Functional reading
    •  Problem solving
IntelliHints allow unassisted use of the program.  If the user answers incorrectly, the program will highlight the portion of the question cue that contains the answer to the question.  Notice the red, highlighted section of the prompt.  That's the IntelliHints at work! 

Computer Requirements