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Faster Rehab
from Stroke or Brain Injury

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For Patients and Caregivers

  1. How your brain rewires itself after stroke or TBI
  2. A common recovery myth... Busted by research
  3. Funny, inspiring video from a brain-scientist stroke-survivor
  4. How I got 100 extra hours of rehab
  5. 3 tools to improve communication with stroke survivors
  6. What it feels like to lose language after a stroke or TBI
  7. Easier word-retrieval in 5 steps
  8. 4 Fun speech therapy activities for groups
  9. Free Aphasia Support group for PPA
  10. Motivate your survivor with the Therapy Sandwich
  11. Learn the 4 Speech-Language Skill Areas
  12. How to reach your Speech Therapy Goals
  13. Choosing the right speech therapy software
  14.  Reading Skill Levels (in plain-English) and free home Exercises 
  15. Listening Skill Levels (in plain-English) with free home exercises
  16. Writing Skill Levels explained (in plain-english) with free home exercises
  17. Help with speech clarity:  home treatment
  18. Spoken word-retrieval home treatment
  19. The PACE method helps with word-retrieval (Aphasia)
  20. Stroke Survivor Stories (videos)
  21. Tips to help  aphasia survivors get the words out
  22. Free Aphasia Communication Board to help non-speakers
  23. Surprisingly simple way caregivers can help with speech
  24. Aphasia Workbook (with 100 pages of exercises)
  25. Listening & Reading Directions (for adults
  26. WH Questions
    1. Clever cueing for WHY questions
    2. WHY & WHEN Question examples
    3. WHEN questions for speech therapy (exercises)
    4. WH Questions worksheets
  27. Two ways to lower your Covid19 risk (especially for the elderly)
  28. How to prepare for the end of speech therapy
  29. (coming soon!) How much speech therapy do I need?
  30. Speech Therapy for $15 a week
  31. Using your camera/phone for speech therapy
  32. Support Groups for Primary Progressive Aphasia
  33. Two easy ways to lower your Covid19 risk, especially for older folks
  34. Presentation on the UMAP program for aphasia
  35. Aphasia vs. Apraxia: What's the difference?
  36. What is Aphasia (in plain english)
  37. How a notebook can get you more therapy and more progress

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Free Speech-Language Treatment Course

Every day is an opportunity for recovery.  Don't miss a single day. I'll provide you the tools & knowledge for faster speech & language recovery

  1. How brain plasticity makes recovery possible even years later.
  2. Why just-work-harder is a recipe for failure
  3. The 4 types of Speech-Language Skills,
    and how to assess which are affected.
  4. Printable worksheets for home practice

Clay Nichols
Co-founder of MoreSpeech and Bungalow Software that both provide Speech & Language Software

For over 20 years, Clay has helped patients, caregivers and speech pathologists with speech & language software.  He shares the tips & tricks he's picked up along the way.

Clay is not a speech  pathologist.
But he consults with the speech pathologists he works with (and has them review the blog articles).  You should consult your speech therapist regarding any tips you read anywhere, including the Rehab Resources.

Free Speech-Language Course
Understand your loved one's deficits & get free recovery activities they can do at home.