Wilson Talley's Stroke Recovery

Wilson Talley started using Bungalow therapy software in 1998.  Below is a very kind letter from his wife and caregiver, Helen, and a picture of Wilson. He has improved so much that he no longer needs the therapy software.

Interview with Helen Talley

Another caregiver, Bobbie Walters, contacted Helen via email and interviewed her, asking "Would you purchase this program again.", "Did it do what Bungalow said it would do?" He response was:

Quote about speech therapy softwareThe answer to all questions is, absolutely. Bungalow Software did what was  advertised. Bungalow was the first speech therapy program we were able to locate following my husband's stroke. We were overwhelmed with the support we received from Bungalow whenever we had questions. Additionally, we have recommended the program to the California State University-Hayward where Wilson attends their Aphasia Therapy Program. We are members of an advisory  group at that facility and have included it as a source in a caregivers package we are developing."

-Helen Talley, caregiver


"This software is great. My husband spends several hours a day working on it.  His progress was quite evident in the therapist's follow-up evaluation. I'm sure Bungalow should share in the thanks"   

Helen Talley, stroke caregiver, Oakland, California
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