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Resources for home therapy

Patient, heal thy self

It's important for the patient (survivor) to participate in their own recovery because it...

  1. Is at the survivor's own pace
  2. Lasts as long (or as short) as the survivor has the energy, patience and motivation.
  3. Gives them a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence.

Other Resources

Computer-based aphasia therapy

Stroke survivor stories


Your computer can help

Your computer can provide speech therapy and stroke rehabilitation using programs developed by a speech-language therapist. You can even try the programs free!

Having difficulty using the computer?

A stroke or brain injury can sometimes make it difficult to use modern computers (such as those with Microsoft Windows).  Poor vision, limb apraxia, tremors, etc. can make it difficult to physically use the computer.  Luckily, Microsoft Windows has built-in features to help with these problems.  Windows to Accessibility is an article on using Microsoft Windows with the disabled.

Other resources

bulletInformation on Aphasia rehabilitation is available in the rehab section of The Merk Manual (a highly regarded medical reference).
bulletLiving one-handed in a two-handed world is an inexpensive, highly-praised book by a stroke-survivor.
bulletSights'n Sounds, a computerized therapy program, is very helpful for regaining speech.