Moriarty Mystery Dinner- over 350,000 logic puzzles

Exercises cognitive/logical/ deductive reasoning skills

This is a challenging program for cognitive therapy.  Provides  a nearly unlimited selection of puzzles in wide variety of difficulty settings.   If the puzzle is too difficult the user can get unlimited hints and even have the puzzles solved automatically.

  • Over 350,000 puzzles
  • 7 difficulty levels 
  • 10 handicapping settings.
  • Hints to help solve the puzzle.

It's a perfect challenge with multiple difficulty levels and Interactive hints, and provides Unlimited therapy with multiple puzzles randomized every time you play

Appropriate for:

  • Problem-solving
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Memory
  • Visual perception

Screen shot.  Click to view tutorial and more screen shots.


The story...

The nefarious Professor Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes' nemesis) is giving a dinner party. As luck would have it, you have been invited. Professor Moriarty and his guests are seated about the table, and each person is eating a different food on a different colored plate and drinking a different drink. It's your task to determine where Moriarty is seated (along with everyone else) and which person he's poisoning.

View the tutorial [click here]

Moriarty can be included in our PC Subscription for a small additional charge.