Helps improves speech clarity for patients who speak to quickly or too slowly.

Helps patient speak more slowly or more quickly, especially for patients who are talking so fast that their speech is not clear.

Video Demo

Speech Pacer shows patient text to read and moves a text-highlighting cursor along to pace a user’s reading rate. Patient speaks each word, phrase, or sentence as it is highlighted.

Users may select from the following options:

  • Automatic (timed) cursor advance
  • Manual advance (cursor moves when the right arrow is pressed)
  • Word, phrase, or sentence highlighting
  • Enlarged font (text) size.

Reading Moby Dick, pacing one word at at time


Appropriate for:
  • Speech Intelligibility
  • Voice/Breath support
  • Oral Reading

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated therapy....Automated cursor advance

    Clinician can set the pace that the user reads and then let the user work on their own.  Clinicians have found this to extremely effective for voice patients.

  • Unlimited therapy... Pro version will read any normal text file for word and sentence pacing.

    You can use the reading files included or use your own reading files.  SpeechPacer will work with any normal text file up to 10K. (Larger files are shortened).  Note that phrase pacing requires that the file be marked with the breaks between phrases.

  • Flexible ...

    ReadingCursor paces by the word, phrase or sentence.

    Change the font size for users with vision problems.

I think it is the greatest thing since Apple Pie! You have anticipated all the questions and the problems. It is easy to use and anyone with a spouse who is willing to guide them or the ability to comprehend themselves ,can use it and derive satisfaction from using the programs. "


Phyllis Wit, Speech Pathologist, volunteer stroke group leader

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows:  Vista, 7, 8, and 10



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