Professional vs. Standard version

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All Bungalow Software programs come in at least 2 versions: Standard and Professional.  A few also come in a Deluxe version, that provides the Pro version features, but for only one patient.

Professional versions adds the following features:

  • Licensed for 2 PCs at one address (one building) and for multiple patients (users) on each PC. Contact us for discounts on multiple Pro licenses. 
  • Automatic Progress Tracking (for those programs which report results after lesson ends)
  • Remembers difficulty settings for each patient. (Exception for the following programs (which do not have such settings): Moriarty, Speech Sounds On Cue & SpeechPrism)
  • Additional difficulty levels and options for memory and other skills. Applies to all Aphasia Tutor programs, Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms, Understanding Questions.
  • To view specific Pro features, add the Pro version of the program to your Shopping Cart and view the detailed description.  Or read the detailed product description on the website or our catalog.

Deluxe version

Includes all the features of the Professional Version (above) but is limited to one PC and settings and progress are only tracked for a single patient.

Sights'n Sounds (1 & 2) Professional and Deluxe

This program is different from all the others.  The Pro version allows you to add pictures, words, and sounds and an unlimited number of custom lessons. The Deluxe version also allows editing but it limited to a single extra custom lesson.

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