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Therapy software for moderate word-retrieval difficulty due to aphasia or other language disorder.

Speech & language therapy software for aphasia and dysphasia - screen shot.

Lesson 1: Pick the opposite

Moderate difficulty exercise for aphasia and word retrieval

Lesson 2: type the opposite of the word

Moderate difficulty aphasia therapy exercise

Lesson 9: Synonyms (words with the same meaning)

Appropriate for:

  • Aphasia / Anomia
  • Word retrieval
  • Vocabulary development
  • Reasoning

This program is for higher level word-retrieval ("word-finding") common in aphasia. It's a companion or follow-on to Aphasia Tutor 2.

Video Demo

How it works

Displays a prompt such as "Up is the opposite of ___". The patient chooses or types the correct answer. As the title suggests, has lessons where the patient finds a word that has the same meaning (Synonym), opposite meaning (Antonym) or finds another word that sounds the same (Homonym).

Highest levels are very challenging. The patient is given a definition. S/he must then match that to the definition of another word that sounds  the same.

15 Lessons of increasing difficulty:

  1. Opposites (multiple choice)
  2. Opposites (fill-in-the blank)
  3. Opposites (multiple choice) - Harder
  4. Opposites (fill-in-the blank) - Harder
  5. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice)
  6. Words with the same meaning (fillin)
  7. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice) - Harder
  8. Words with the same meaning (fillin) - Harder
  9. Words with the same meaning (multiple choice) - Hardest
  10. Words with the same meaning (fillin) - Hardest
  11. Words that sound alike (multiple choice)
  12. Words that sound alike (fillin)
  13. Words that sound alike (Hard)
  14. Words that sound alike (Harder)
  15. Words that sound alike (Hardest)  [view sample]

Easiest level (#1)

BIG is the opposite of

  1. small
  2. large
  3. bag
  4. bug

(Answer: a. Small)

Most challenging level (#15)

"precipitation is ___"

which sounds like the word for :

  1. kitchen appliance which keeps food cold
  2. pants made with denim 
  3. the rule of royalty
  4. paper which assists route-finding

Answer: C, because "the rule of royalty" is "Reign" which SOUNDS LIKE "rain". Precipitation is

Level 15 in Synonyms

Level 15: Match two definitions for different words that sound alike (whale and wail, in this case)



Pro version Features

These features are available in the  Professional  version of the program.

Computer Requirements

Short Answer:

Nearly any Windows PC computers made since 2002 will run our programs. If you're not sure, try them out with our trial CD.  Trials are identical to the full version, only time limited.  So if the trial works, so will the full program.  You can also buy programs with our Money Back Guarantee

Detailed Answer (for computer geeks)