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Quote about speech therapy softwareBetween the speech therapists and the Bungalow Software, my husband John is doing so well that he is able to communicate his wants and needs by speech.  The speech therapists said that your aphasia therapy software has helped John progress to this level of speech."

Marie Ritchie, caregiver & wife
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Quote about speech therapy softwareAphasia Tutor's multiple difficulty levels and feedback ensure success...The patient never walks away [from the program] discouraged."


Candace Gordon, Speech Pathologist
Former Clinic Supervisor, Portland State Speech and Science Program.


Quote about speech therapy softwareI teach at a University and love the concept of your company.  Therapy is so much more effective when clients can follow through with it at home.

"Bungalow is a wonderful addition and supplement to our field, and a wonderful resource for our clients."

Trina Harvey-Brown, 
West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas

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Use this therapist-designed speech-therapy software for  unlimited, independent speech & language practice using proven therapeutic techniques for faster rehabilitation. These programs have been trusted by over 20,000 stroke survivors and   used in over 2,000 speech therapy clinics.

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Faster Recovery With Therapy Software

Chart from clinical study demostrating the effectiveness of aphasia treatment softwareMany stroke and brain-injury survivors don’t get enough insurance provided therapy for a full recovery and can’t afford additional therapy.  Without ongoing therapy practice (such as with the Bungalow Software programs) patients often do not improve, and they may worsen, as shown in this graph of the results of a clinical study of aphasia software.

Clinical studies show that software-based treatment can speed recovery enormously by providing the practice and repetition that researchers agree helps recovery. Bungalow Software has helped people up to 20 years after their brain-injury.

Less frustration. More effective therapy.

One major obstacle to recovery is challenging the patient without frustrating them. If it's too challenging they won't be able to finish the exercises and become frustrated. If it's not challenging enough they won't retain what they are learning and may become bored. 

The Bungalow programs do more than simply grade the patient and show the correct answer.  If the patient answers incorrectly, they usually get a hint (perhaps an explanation of what they did wrong, or the first letter of the answer). These hints, combined with many different skill levels (as many as 200) in each program allows patients to work a more challenging level without becoming frustrated. Studies have shown this leads to better retention of what they've learned.  Read more about how it works >>

If you need help figuring out which programs are most appropriate, contact us or use the online Therapy Advisor.  We're happy to help.


About Bungalow Software

Bungalow Software creates and sells software for Speech & Language therapy.  It was started in 1995 by Clay Nichols & Terri Brancewicz.  Most of the programs on this website were developed by Clay and Terri.  Terri, a speech pathologist, wanted programs for her patients to use independently at home for home speech therapy practice.  She turned to Clay who created the programs.  And then she asked for more.  And more.  Today, Bungalow serves thousands of customers around the world and has distributors in the USA, Europe, and Australia.  Read more >>

Bungalow has been featured in the Stroke Connection magazine and on the national and regional news and has presented seminars at the national ASHA Speech-Language Pathology conferences.

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