Programs in the Monthly PC Subscription

Articulation {Apraxia, Dysarthria} 

Speaking clearly.

Word-Retrieval {Expressive Aphasia}

Thinking of the right word to say or write. 

Quote about speech therapy software[Y]our software is great. 

[It] has excited my father beyond belief!

My Dad had a stroke and suffers from aphasia."

-Tim Wharton

Reading comprehension {Receptive Aphasia}

Auditory Comprehension

Thinking and Reasoning (Cognitive Therapy) exercises

Written Worksheets


Need additional programs not listed above?
Just ask. They can sometimes be added for a small additional fee and we are working to add a few more programs to the Subscription in early 2012.




Monthly Subscription Requires:

  1. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 (XP or above is recommended) with 80 MB Hard Drive space per program (about 500 MB if installing all the programs in the subscription).
  2. Internet Access on the computer you're using the Subscription on.  You only need internet access approximately once per week for the programs to check your subscription status.
  3. Ability to download and install software. (This only has to be done one time for each program).


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