Aphasia Tutor 2+  screen shots

Every Bungalow program has a wide variety of difficulty levels for a challenge tailored to each user.  Below is a demonstration of some of the 8 lessons in Aphasia Tutor 2+: Words Out Loud.

Therapeutic cueing

  If the patient has difficulty, the program provides progressively more help. For example:

  1. Spelling Hints
  2. List of possible answers.
  3. List of with correct answer highlighted.

Aphasia Tutor 2 has the same "therapeutic cueing" that Aphasia Tutor 1 and other programs have. For examples of how that cueing works, see the Aphasia Tutor 1 screenshots.



In the easiest level, the patient completes phrases.  This takes advantage of "automatic speech", speech that the patient is accustomed to hearing as a group.

S/he must select the correct word, to complete the phrase, from 4 choices.

The next level would be word-typing.  The user would type the correct word (in this case  "down"). 

The intermediate level has the patient typing the word that completes the sentence.

One of the higher levels is Definition Completion.

Definition Completion 


In the higher level, the patient matches the sentence to the picture.

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