Categories and Words

Provides therapy practice with understanding what objects belong in different groups

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Appropriate for:

  • Cognitive therapy
  •  Logic & Reasoning
  •  Memory

Teaches patient which words or concepts belong together (apple, orange, banana: all fruit).  At the higher level, the patient just deduce what several objects have in common and what other objects might belong in that group.

200,000 questions
in 6 different difficulty lessons:

  1. Match the word to its group 

    ex: chicken is a:  country, bird, food, or building

  2. Match the group to the word:

    ex:  which is a BIRD?  :  dolphin, hawk, chair, ice cream

  3. Pick the member that doesn't belong 

    ex: chair, chicken, stool, bench) (see picture above)

  4. Pick the category based on a rule

    (e.g., "Chicken and pigeon are members, stool is not", is "bench a member?")

  5. Pick the category based on a memorized rule

     (same as #4, but user must remember the rule)

  6. Deduce the mystery category

    This is very similar to the old word game "21 Questions" but is based on semantics (word meanings).  Patient is shown several words and must deduce their relationship, e.g., they are all furry mammals, or flowering trees, etc.

Every lesson is a collection of up to 100 freshly created exercises. No two lessons are identical.

Typical Uses

Appropriate for high-level aphasia, TBI, and language-based learning disabilities.  Ages 12 to adult

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited therapy...

    Categories creates a new lesson every time you use it.   Our resident mathematician has calculated between 200,000 and 500,000 possible question/answer combinations.

  • Therapy for all skill levels ...

    Graduated, increasing difficulty levels from the very simple Level 1 to the brain teasers at level 6.

  • Flexible

    Change the font size for users with vision problems.

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows:  Vista, 7, 8, and 10



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