FreeForm: Speech therapy worksheets

Prints out over 100 worksheets for speech, language, and cognition worksheets that patients can work on in therapy or at home.


Speech Therapy Worksheets for:

  1. Auditory Comprehension  view sample
  2. Verbal Expression
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Articulation/ Oral-Motor/ Swallowing
  6. Cognition     view sample
Freeform SLP Worksheets  
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Appropriate for:
  •  Word retrieval
  •  Auditory Comprehension
  •  Verbal Expression
  •  Reading & Writing
  •  Oral Motor/ Swallowing
  •  Reading

"I was impressed with the quality of the materials. I look forward to receiving updates on future forms. Thank you for a straight-forward product like this."

  -Nancy A.,
M.S., CCC-SLP, in Seattle

"With the new PPS, we don't have time to copy [worksheets], so FreeForm saves valuable time"

-Susan L., SLP, in Missouri

Cost effective...

Clients don't need to purchase thick workbooks, of which they may only be able to use a few select pages.
Laser printing is much less expensive than photocopying. FreeForm saves you money on toner refills and maintenance.

Saves you time...

You don't need to search for reproducible materials, and then spend hours at the copy machine. Quick and easy to use. FreeForm can be printing treatment materials while you wrap up your treatment session. You can hand your client treatment materials as they are leaving.


You can choose the font style and size which is easiest for your client to read. You can save sets of your favorite materials in custom notebooks, which you can select for printing with one click of the mouse button. With over 2,000 exercises and over 55 pictures, you're sure to find the right worksheet for each client.


Printed worksheets are professional, clean, and clear. They can be customized to
include facility or clinician identifying information.


Key Features

  • Over 2,000 exercises divided into 100 Worksheets, organized by category

    There are over 100 worksheets, with an average of 20 questions per worksheet, for a total of over 2,000 exercises.

  • Font Selection

    You can choose which font (type and size) of the printed worksheets. For example, you can choose a larger font for someone who has a sight impairment.

  • Customized workbooks, complete with your name

    In the professional (Therapist) version, your name (or your facility name) and phone number, etc.,  is printed at the bottom of the worksheets, giving a professional appearance and advertising your services.

  • Customized Treatment Plan

    You can save a set of worksheets into a custom notebook. This allows you to create a reusable set of worksheets for easy reference. You can create a set of worksheets for "mild expressive aphasia", etc. You could also save a copy of the the worksheets you give to a client.

  • Answer sheets included

    For those worksheets which are problem-based (math problems, etc.), an answer worksheet is included.

  • Over 55 Pictures!

    There are numerous pictures in the worksheets, including real-world problems, such as checkbook exercises and visual identification.

Computer Requirements

FreeForm is the one program we have which does not run on the 64 bit version of Windows.  (Windows XP, Vista and 7 all come in a 32 or 64 bit version). The 64 bit version of Windows is highly unusual affecting only about 0.5% of customers.

Also requires a Printer.


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