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It occurs without warning. A stroke, tumor or brain injury can suddenly thrust a person into the unknown world of aphasia, damaging the ability to communicate.

Aphasia can have a devastating effect, isolating the sufferer from the very people who want to help.

Fortunately, there are numerous on-line resources for aphasia and dysphasia.

crowd.gif (20019 bytes) Those with aphasia are not alone.
Over 1 million people in the US have aphasia (dysphasia).  

United Kingdom Dysphasia help

bulletHelp for Dysphasia in the U.K. ADA is the only U.K. charity dedicated solely to supporting people with dysphasia (aphasia) and their care givers. Dysphasia is a disorder of communication which may occur after a stroke, head injury or neurological disease. It can affect understanding, speaking, reading or writing.