Speech Sounds on Cue

Speech therapy treatment software for articulation difficulty caused by apraxia of speech or other speech difficulties.


This software is especially helpful to those who need to hear and see a sound made, for example, patients with articulation difficulty, possibly due to speech apraxia (verbal or oral apraxia affecting speech).

Provides multimedia full-motion video cues, for independent speech practice. Cues are for individual phonemes (sounds) as well as full words.

530 Exercises

 Each exercise targets one word, divided into 20 consonant positions (see lower right).  For each exercise it provides:
  • Color photo
  • Auditory and written trigger phrase
  • Written word
  • Video clip of a speaker
  • Records and plays back patient's voice for immediate feedback.

Easy to use - Patient can run the entire program just by pressing the spacebar key, or can use the mouse.

Appropriate for:

  •  Articulation of speech
  •  Apraxia/Dyspraxia
  •  Speech Production
  • Word-retrieval

Video demo

19 Lessons
with 530 exercises.


We also have a similar, but more challenging program for higher-level patients who can repeat back words  just from hearing them but need to work on articulation or on word-retrieval:  Sights'n Sounds 1.

Also available for the Macintosh.

ofessional version also includes 300 extra printable exercises  for apraxia with photos of mouth position and a listing of the vocabulary from the program and is licensed for 2 PCs in one building.


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Computer Requirements

Short Answer:

Nearly any Windows PC computers made since 2002 will run our programs. If you're not sure, try them out with our trial CD.  Trials are identical to the full version, only time limited.  So if the trial works, so will the full program.  You can also buy programs with our Money Back Guarantee

Detailed Answer (for computer geeks)