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Resources for specific brain injuries

Aphasia and dysphasia

Caregiver Resources

Stroke resources

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) information

Assistive Technology

Other Resources

Other Rehabilitation Resources

Resources for SLPs

Support Groups online

Glossaries of brain injury and stroke terms (aphasia, etc.)

Speech Therapy Websites

Puzzles - great for improving cognitive skills, and jus plain FUN.

Organizations and Healthcare providers

General rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational, Speech Pathology)

Speech/Language Pathology

General Medical References

Web rings for stroke, brain injury, etc.

Search a medical directory of the web

start_blu.gif (898 bytes) sites that we've found to be exceptional, with a lot of quality content.

Caregiver Resources

Videos for caregivers  -these videos provide instruction to caregivers, making care giving a little easier.

start_blu.gif (898 bytes) Caregiver handbook -handbook created by caregivers for caregivers. And it's free!

Resources for SLPs

YourName@SpeechTherapist.net  FREE Email account for speech therapists!

Useful and unique resources for SLPs in Private Practice. http:

Online discussion forums and E-publications

Online discussion forums and E-publications on stroke and TBI for clinicians.  Also available is a list of all forums and E-publications.

Support Groups

Interested in joining or starting a support group?

Find a support group for stroke or aphasia :

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Stroke Support Mailing list:

The purpose of the STROKE-L is to share information and opinions, ideas and inquiries that relate to the topic of stroke. The list serves as a source of support for stroke survivors and their caregivers.

How to subscribe:
Include the following in the Subject: SUBSCRIBE STROKE-L your name
You will be sent a confirmation notice and instructions.

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Stroke Support Mailing Lists and Web page

Our ages range from early 20s to people who are much older and wiser.  Our members also include rehabilitation professionals online, and we are always sharing pertinent info from other list-servers to which we each belong.
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start_blu.gif (898 bytes)This Brain Injury Ring site is owned by: Clay Nichols .
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  • start_blu.gif (898 bytes) This isn't a support group, but, rather, an inspirational poem by, and about, someone who has suffered a speech/language impairment.

 Online Resources


Glossaries of brain-injury terms

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Puzzles aren't strictly for S/LP, but useful for language training nonetheless

Assistive Technology

Computers are wonderful things, but can often be hard to use if you can only type with one hand or one finger, or can't use a mouse.  There is some neat, cheap (or free) software for assisting in those cases.

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Shareware/Freeware for DOS (remember DOS, from 1991?)

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Shareware/Freeware for Windows

Assistive technology software (PC, DOS, and MAC)

Computers for Handicapped Independence Program  provides information on software and hardware for persons with varied limitations either in motor, vision, learning, hearing, or cognitive skills.

Website for a disabled-travel newsletter.

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)The Muff Vest is a support garment designed for Stroke Survivors. [Click here for more info]

A great book called  One-Handed in a Two-Handed World provides lots of practical  tips and suggestions on doing things with one hand.

Excellent article on using Windows PCs with the disabled.   It includes tips on using the PC without a mouse, enhancing the screen for the vision impaired, and making the keyboard easier to use for those with trembling hands.  

Aphasia Resources

What is Aphasia?  

Great aphasia survivor site with a variety of tips and stories

List of aphasia support groups nationwide, by state.

Help for Dysphasia in the U.K. ADA is the only U.K. charity dedicated solely to supporting people with dysphasia (aphasia) and their carers.Dysphasia is a disorder of communication which may occur after a stroke, head injury or neurological disease. It can affect understanding, speaking, reading or writing.

The Merk Manual has some information on Aphasia rehabilitation in its rehab section:

   Stroke Recovery resources

Stroke Recovery System - for physical recovery from stroke

Stroke Information Database has a tremendous amount of information about stroke.

The Health Pages has an excellent guide to stroke  recovery.

Stroke Family is an inexpensive online-therapy resource.  It's origin is centered around one woman's successful efforts to help her father after his stroke.  

National Stroke Association

The latest medical news and information for patients or friends/parents of patients diagnosed with strokes and stroke-related disorders.

Deaf Stroke project deals with the unique needs of deaf stroke survivors.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Resources

Explanation of Brain Injury

Brain Injury Help organization has a lot of different resources on it home page.

Listen Up aims to be a one stop place for information, answers, help, ideas, resources, and anything else related to hearing-impairment

The Learning Depot has software and products for language disorders

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)start_blu.gif (898 bytes)Judith Kuster's Homepage contains links to a huge amount of information on communication disorders, including a list of Newsletters. 

 The ASSTA Inc Home Page  

KidSource online Organizations: ASHA  

Maddie's TBI -  A Journey of Understanding

DrDiane.com has lots of information for professionals and patients.

Speech/Language Pathology specific

Speech Pathology WWW Sites

Speech Pathology Website list   provides pointers to where you can find information in the field of Speech/Language Pathology as opposed to providing the information itself.

Caroline Bowen's comprehensive SLP site has info for therapists and their clients, including a Q & A page.

Rehab World has a list of Speech Pathology resources.

Alicia Courville (from Clay's alma mater U.S.L. has a nice little SLP website.

General Medical Info

MedLine is an online search tool/index..

PubMed is an excellent, comprehensive index to medical research.

There is an excellent index of medical databases.

You can visit the National Library of Medicine.

The Health Pages is a useful directory of health-related websites.  

Organizations and Healthcare providers

start_blu.gif (898 bytes)National Stroke Association  

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  

Dr. Stall's Home Page--Dedicated to Geriatric & Hospice Care

Ruth Bluestone does a lot of work with computers.

Rehabilitation centers

Magee Rehab is local  rehab center in Philadelphia.

Geriatric and Hospice Care  

AphasiaCenter of California

Canadian Aphasia Center 

The National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM)  provides a wide variety of disability related training resources to those who serve persons with disabilities. The National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials is funded by a grant from Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Web Rings for stroke, brain injury and speech therapy.

Medical Searches

Search InfoMedical.com

Other Resources

PediaStaff - A leading therapy staffing firm, specializing in the placement of pediatric and school based speech, occupational and physical therapists nationwide.  Offers both permanent and contract positions in schools, clinics, hospitals and more.