Voice analysis program. Excellent for accent-reduction therapy.

Color, graphical display of Articulation, Vowel Histogram,  Animated Mid-Sagittal Head, and more.

Computes statistical measurements for any selected sound sample for both volume and pitch (including average, max, min, mean, etc.)

Professional version extends recording time to 60 seconds.  (Standard version records up to a 2 second sample)

Voice analysis software for speech therapy. Screen shot.

Appropriate for:
  • Dysarthria
  • Voice
  • Articulation
  • Accent Reduction
SpeechPrism addresses all aspects of learning speech production from learning simple isolated vowel and consonant sounds, to using those sounds in the context of words and phrases.   Never before has this kind of flexibility and power been offered at this low price.   

SpeechPrism provides many different ways of viewing speech sounds in real time.   Two simultaneous views are provided so that one can be used as a prototype or template for learning.  Note that this software is not intended as a substitute for treatment by a speech-language professional.

Applications of this software range from teaching hearing-impaired speakers to treating communications disorders to accent reduction.  You can even be creative with this product and use it for learning to talk like any specific person (e.g. brush up on your David Brinkley or Arnold Schwartzenegger accent). 

This software is offered as a free 30 day fully-functional shareware trial. 


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