Software makes the therapist's job easier

Bungalow's interactive therapy software was designed to be used by patients (clients).  However, there are significant benefits for the therapist and facility as well.  It can save you time, provide extra treatment to your client (at no cost to you), and provide therapy for patients who have plateaued

Send your clients home with a free software recomendation

Bungalow's software provides an inexpensive therapy augmentation.  Print out the software recomendation and mark the programs that you think would be appropriate.  We'll mail them one free, fully-functional demo disk with the software recomendation.  They can try it out free.  If they find it appropriate, they've found an effective therapy supplement, if not they owe us nothing.  So, there's no risk!

Tip for Home HealthTip:  Find a Computer Helper
This is someone nearby who can help out with the computer. The programs are easy to use but for those new to the computer simple things like adjusting the microphone volume an be daunting but are easy for anyone who's done it before.   This might be a spouse, child, etc.  (Every family has a resident "computer geek").

A solution to the Plateau Problem

Many patients (clients) plateau at some point in there treatment.  They really desire treatment but insurance may not cover the treatment because there will be little improvement.  Interactive therapy software is clinically proven to be efficacious, and allows them to continue treatment on their own.  

Of course, the Aphasia Tutor series is also very helpful for patients showing progress.  And it doesn't cost you anything!  Contact us if you are interested in receiving several disks to give to your patients.  You can also just download the software from our web site and copy it onto disks yourself.  The client can return the disk after they have installed it at home.  Then you can give the disk(s) to another patient.  The patient gets to evaluate ("try before you buy") the software  for a few days.  This evaluation period begins fresh for each computer on which it is installed.

Tip for Home HealthThis is especially useful for SLPs providing Home Health services.    The SLP can bring several disks with them to the patient's home and install appropriate software and show the patient or caregiver how to use the software.  The patient gets free use of the software for the evaluation period.  They can register it (instructions provided with the software) if they decide to continue using it.

Save time by charting during treatment

If your patient uses the software during his/her treatment session, it frees you to do charting and observe the patient in their natural environment.  If you use the software with only one patient per week, that's nearly an hour per month.  The software would pay for itself in one or two months.