Understanding Questions +Out Loud

Provides practice with understanding various types of questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Speech therapy software for reading and Auditory Comprehension

  Patient chooses appropriate answer to spoken question.
 Hide the question text for Auditory Comprehension therapy (Deluxe & Pro versions)

Displays and speaks a question out loud (in a human voice) and shows up to 4 answers. Provides nearly unlimited therapy practice, with over 5,000 exercises.

Can be used independently, thanks to many special features (more info about those below). 

Every time a lesson is started, it's composed of up to 100 freshly created exercises. No two lessons are identical.

This program is based upon a program originally developed by Dr. Richard Katz, who has designed numerous programs for aphasia, and published many studies on the effectiveness of computer-assisted aphasia software.

Benefits & Features

  • Unlimited self-paced speech therapy practice.
  • Over 5,000 exercises.
  • Boosts patient self esteem
  • Easy to use - operate it with keyboard or mouse.
  • A challenge for anyone who needing reading therapy at the phrase level or auditory comprehension (Deluxe and Pro versions) with 4 difficulty levels.
  • Practical preparation for "the real world"
  • There are also benefits for clinicians in addition to improved outcomes.

Appropriate for:

  • Understanding Who, What, Where ("Wh") type words.
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Auditory Comprehension
Therapuetic cueing example

Question and hint #1

Innovative speech therapy software: provides therapuetic cueing.

Question and hint #2



1. Gives a helping hint

The clinical (medical) name for this is therapeutic intervention.  After an incorrect answer, the program give a hint in blue. See picture to right: the user has incorrectly answered Father.  The hint explains why Father is the wrong answer.

2.Give second hint

If the user misses the question again, s/he gets an additional hint, shown below.






Pro version Features

These features are available in the  Pro versions of the program.  [Click here to view a screen picture]
  • Save time with automatic progress-tracking.

    Results of each session are saved, by client, to a file.  You can print this or copy it into other documentation.

  • Automatically remembers settings for each patient

    So, when Mr. Jones comes back in for his next visit, you just select Mr. Jones and the program remembers how he did last time, what lesson he was using, and what settings you used for him.

  • Repetition Practice

    Repeat the first 20 questions 5 times, or repeat as many questions as you like as many times as you like.  You can also control the length of the lesson without repetition, such as having a 25 exercise lesson.  (Bungalow programs have so many exercises we've found that even one lesson can be too much for a patient to do in one sitting.

  • Memory training

    You can set the program to display the cue to display temporarily or until they press any key.  Then the cue disappears, and the question appears.


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Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (Any version from 2000 to present:  2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8 ),
  • 32 MB or more memory
  • About 80  MB Hard Drive space
  • Color screen (monitor)
  • Recommended: a Sound Card (which most computers have already.  If you have speakers they are plugged into the Sound Card.)

Sound Card required for the OutLoud version